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Create your own wall art! 


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Create your own wall art! 

Written By: Lordeco Inc 


Lordeco Cutting-saw (1) 
Lordeco Pushing-blade (1) 


polystyrene board (1) 
pieces of fabric of different sizes (5) 
Lordeco Guiding-wedges (10 meters) 
Lordeco Gripping-bands (10 meters) 


Discover how to create your own stretched-fabric decorative wall panel with the Lordeco® 
Method! Creative flexibility and precision. A quick way for decorating graphically with fabric 
and/or yarn. Quick gripping, quick results! The 10- Step Lordeco® Method is easy to learn 
and a small decorative panel can made in a couple of hours. 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 1 — Create your own wall art! 

• Here is a preview of the panel that 
will be made. 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 2 

• First choose the appropriate 
supporting panel: 1" Rigid High- 
Density Polystyrene board (shown 
here) OR 1" Rigid Fiberglass board 
OR Rigid mineral fiber board. 

• Second: For large decorative 
murals attach supporting panel 
directly to an existing wall with 
screws. For hanging decorative 
accent panels mount supporting 
panel to 1/4" - 1/2" plywood 
backing board with either screws or 

• If necessary, trim the finished 
panel with a sharp knife, fine hand 
saw, band saw, circular saw or 
router. (Proper ventilation and the 
wearing of a mask and safety 
glasses is advisable.) 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 3 

• With a black pen or soft lead pencil 
draw the intended design on the 
surface of the supporting panel. 

• Draw a straight line on the side of 
the supporting panel 1/2" below the 
upper edge. 

Step 4 

• Following the lines of the design 
just drawn, cut grooves manually 

with the Lordeco® 1/2" Groove- 
cutting saw or with a portable jig 
saw set at low speed; also cut a 
groove on the side, 1/2" below the 
upper edge. The depth of the 
groove must be exactly the same 

as the width of the Lordeco® 
Gripping-band, i.e., 1/2". 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 5 

Fw ^* 

^^^^*" — ^^^H 

^^^fe ^^ 

^^ s 



• Holding the Lordeco® Gripping- 
band in your hand, cut the gripping- 
band to the required length minus 
1/16" at each end (total 1/8" 

Step 6 

• Clip off the sharp corners using a 
nail-clipper and use a file or 
sandpaper to obtain smoother 
rounded corners. 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 7 

• Cut lateral openings at intersection 
points (1/8" wide, 1/2" deep). 

Step 8 

• Where the Lordeco® Gripping-band 
reaches the edge of the supporting 
panel, cut a 1/2" slit along the 
bottom fold of the gripping-band. 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 9 

• Using your hands, push the 
gripping-band into the groove until 
the gripping-band is flush with the 
supporting panel's surface. 

Step 10 

• Complete the insertion using the 

flat side of the Lordeco® Pushing- 
blade or a small roller. 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 11 

• The gripping-bands now form a 
network of ridges on the surface of 
the supporting panel. With the 

Lordeco® Pushing-blade, break 
open the compressed channels of 
the gripping-bands then insert 

Lordeco® Guiding-wedge into all 
the compressed channels. 

Step 12 

• The network of ridges thus outlines 
each section exactly for easily 
shaping each piece of batting and 
fabric or for inserting yarn. Attach a 
block of foam (1/2" or 1/4" width) to 
the lower blade of the scissors 
using double-sided tape. Holding 
the block against the outer side of 
the guiding-wedge, cut around the 
intended section. 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 13 

• Use a 1/2" cube for cutting an extra 
margin of fabric. Note: In Steps 12 
and 13 the pieces of batting and 
fabric can be held temporarily in 
place with pins. 

Step 14 

• Proceed to insert batting into the 
gripping-bands. Holding the 
pushing-blade firmly, push the 1/4" 
of excess batting smoothly and 
precisely against the guiding- 
wedge and down into the gripping- 

© Make Projects 

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Create your own wall art! 

Step 15 

• Performing the same movement 
with the pushing-blade, insert the 
extra fabric or wool into the 
gripping-band. Repeat for each 
section. At intersections, trim 
excess batting and fabric corners 
or wool so that you do not overfill 
the intersection. 

Step 16 

• When all fabric or wool pieces are 
neatly inserted, with a pair of pliers 
gently remove all guiding- wedges. 
With a flat hand smooth out the 
surface tension in all directions. At 
the same time, holding the pushing- 
blade in the other hand, carefully 
run it into and along the gripping- 
band around each section of fabric 
to eliminate any wrinkles. 

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